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  • Cherished Pets

    Here at Snowy River our Cotons are our cherished pets and are treated as members of the family. Our puppies are selectively bred from Champion Bloodlines for excellent quality and temperament.

    The Coton de Tulear puppies are born and raised in the family home in California and are socialized before they leave the nest. We carefully screen potential puppy parents and sell Coton puppies on a reservation basis only. Our Coton parents are all Health Tested.

  • Buyer Beware!

    There are unethical breeders out there.

    Take home your puppy from a Code of Ethics Breeder from a club that requires Health Testing. Snowy River Cotons is an honest and reliable breeder.

    Expect Nothing Less!!

    We are a Code of Ethics Breeder with the American Coton Club Click Here for the American Coton Club

  • Coton Salon Store

    The Coton Salon is now open for business!

    This new online specialty store offers the very best dog grooming supplies, toys & products for your Coton de Tulear or other small breed dog. Every product is carefully chosen to help keep your pet happy, healthy, active and looking great!

    Dog Grooming Supplies, Dog Steps, Agility Equipment, Zanies Toys & More Click Here to visit the Coton Salon

Hello and Welcome To The Snowy River Coton Family.

Has the Coton De Tulear caught your fancy? Has the tale of their Ancient Pirate and Shipwrecked beginnings completely charmed you? This delightful "Royal Dog of Madagascar" and companion to the Malagasy Kings & Nobles has absolutely taken our hearts by storm.

The Coton De Tulear, or " Coton" for short, is a wonderful companion. They are very intelligent and are eager to learn. Cotons have an excellent temperament which makes them great with children and the perfect addition to the family. They are quickly devoted and are quite intuitive, snuggling with you one moment and making you laugh the next, with their clowny mischief.